Who is wearing whom?

Are you wearing your clothes or they are wearing you? Before you conclude this as an absurd question, ask yourself, have you ever felt a change of attitude, mood or confidence level when you wore and flaunted certain clothes in public?

It is not just about you wearing the clothes and looking into the mirror to find out whether you look good, nor you playing roles with the mirror as your audience when you are clothed in outfits that make you feel superior, it’s all about the flaunting; the persona you adopt from the clothes you wear when in public. You may or may not realise, but what you wear not only gives people impressions about you - this depends on the society you live in, but likely affects your behaviour and how you relate to those around you. Call it Bruce Wayne when he becomes Batman or Clark Kent when he becomes superman, but yes, your clothes have that power to make you feel edgier or make you feel less than yourself. We must, however, influence the clothes we wear to suit our personalities not only to make us comfortable but to help us walk confidently with our heads held high while flaunting them.

Knowing that the clothes you wear affect your mood and how you behave, be conscious of what you wear. You wouldn’t want to wear a piece of outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable or one that’s way out of your style. We must, however, be responsible for our choice of clothing and be accountable for what they tell the world about us.

Know and love yourself. By so doing, you can choose the right clothes to accentuate your personality, boost your mood and give you that extra level of confidence you need wherever you are going. When you feel good by looking good, you treat others the way you feel about yourself and that is a plus for you. Whether at a business gathering, event, wherever you find yourself, let what you wear, do the talking. Let it tell the world who you are. Fearlessly flaunt you through your clothes and do not figuratively hide behind your clothes because they may pass a wrong message about you. Own them.


Interested in reading more about the power of your choice of clothes? Visit brainfodder or medium.com for more insight.

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      September 23, 2020 at 12:57 AM

      That was a simple but informative post. I enjoyed reading. The reference links were also helpful. Great job.

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