I walked down the aisle to my groom, who stared at me from the altar. I felt like the most important person at that moment as my guests stood and looked on as I approached the altar. As I started exchanging vows with my groom, I could hear a faint hoarse voice of a man that got louder by the second. Zapped into reality, I couldn’t believe myself staring dumbly in the face of the new co-worker, my supposed groom, who was barking at me as if I was standing 50 meters away from him.

I would have proceeded to our reception, honeymoon, the naming ceremony of our kids, and the day we died together if it weren't for his abrupt call to reality.

I believe most of us if not all, have experienced something similar at some points in our lives. 
Have you ever wandered from the awareness of your immediate environment to a setting constructed by mind? A setting where you find yourself or others you know or have ‘dreamed’ playing roles in plots you have developed.

Daydreaming is a natural route we all take in our everyday lives. We’ve had many daydreams, whether we played the role of the protagonist, antagonist, or just an extra.

I know I am not the only one.

We sometimes imagine a dream world, when we have nothing doing so we can remove boredom or during an activity. Either way, some of our daydreams are so lively that we experience the emotions physically as they happen in our daydreams.

Even though daydreaming is normal, it becomes a problem if you spend most of your time indulging in it instead of doing what you’ve planned for yourself during the day. We term this uncontrolled daydreaming as maladaptive daydreaming. It can have negative effects on your mental health and social life.
Daydreaming can be addictive because it has the power to wield different fantasies and experience arrays of emotions. It is our responsibility to be disciplined about it, so we don't lose our sense of reality and indulge in this full time. 

Don’t worry when you daydream for the fear of addiction, just be disciplined about it, so you avoid making costly mistakes while performing certain activities. The addiction occurs when you detach yourself from the people around you and solely focus on daydreams. 

Some people daydream to escape their painful realities or ghost themselves out of situations they don't want to be aware of. Daydreaming can also be very good, as this serves as a creative process for some individuals in their fields of work. 

These are things you should remember about daydreaming,

  • Your daydreams are not real.

  • They may mislead and make it difficult for you to set realistic goals.

  • Daydreaming about your future profession or job or anything that may improve your life can motivate you to achieve them. In the same way, since your daydreams allow you to experience emotions of rewarding activities or events that have not happened, you may feel unmotivated to take action towards these for them to happen as you have daydreamed.

  • Do not let your daydreams make you have unrealistic expectations of the world around you. The people in your daydreams are not the same in reality.

What do you think the world would be like if every daydream experienced was to happen?
What weird thing have you done because you were daydreaming in the middle of an activity?


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      Don Smart
      August 12, 2020 at 10:00 PM

      Another nice one there. Keep it up people.

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