Life is not giving you a lemon to make wine.

Why you should be optimistic?

Optimism is the hopeful feeling that something would be fruitful, however, this same feeling can make one lose track of reality and passively chase winds even though life may present opportunities to grow or pursue other ventures.

It is easy to be optimistic, to avoid the frightful feeling that something may not end well. Though this fear is uncomfortable and can easily be shrugged off, sometimes it is this fear that motivates us to face the pending danger and address it. We can actively do away with the dreaded feeling other than ignoring it and letting it rule our lives.

Optimism can be a gift. We all have aspirations. Don't give up certain opportunities because it's not what you want or expect. Being so fixed on what you want may lead you to disregard other worthy opportunities and chase winds that are likely never to blow in your direction. This doesn't mean you are to stop hoping and aspiring for the things you want. Just keep in mind the world doesn't owe you anything; Don’t be passive. You are responsible to identify and take advantage of opportunities around you and not be insensitive to them because they are not what you want. The primary goal is survival; the pleasure comes afterwards, so do whatever you have to do to ensure a living- morally good thing for yourself before you can aspire to the things that please you. Optimism doesn't say lose track of reality but says that your survival is key. Be happy that you are alive and work at your chances of survival.  Whether it is job seeking, school, or work, be optimistic that you will survive.  Let this motivate you not to give up on life, but to survive and explore your options for making a living for yourself. That should be your priority.

Be optimistic about life.

You can read more about optimism by visiting psychology today, gs psychology, or very well mind.


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      Don smart
      September 17, 2020 at 05:03 PM

      Thank you guys, i'm going through alot right now , i'm behind time for something my boss asked me to do for her but i'm optimistic i will be done before the deadline. i just needed this. thanks again.

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      September 18, 2020 at 01:32 AM

      I have a friend, aturopepe and i really do hope she follows her own advice ,"don't give up certain opportunities because it's not what you want or expect."

    • Comment image placeholder
      September 22, 2020 at 09:24 AM

      Nice work....kudos to the iceblog team. you peps are awesome 💪🏾

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